Most people would rather invest in buying real estate properties than buy raw or virgin land. One of the reasons for this includes the fact that most people are not very knowledgeable about investing in land as a property. Thus for many people, it is just quite easier to invest in homes, properties and developed lands. But the thing is there is a lot of money and fortune to be made from just buying and selling lands. While there are risks, a good course in buying and selling land will most times, show you how simple it really is to buy and sell land once you get the hang of it. Before buying any land, there are three things you must do. If you leave these out, you may rue the consequences later on.


As simple as this sounds, it is about the hardest part of the job. There are acres and acres of rolling lands that are untouched and it can be a dilemma to choose an adequate one -or some in case you want more than a portion- for yourself. Prospecting often involves finding out which lands are available for sale or lease, which ones are useful for the purposes you have in mind and crossing all the loops and which places they are.

Therefore, you should have a particular location in mind. This often narrows down the prospecting to just a few places. Then study the lands around the area. Things like geological faults, soil texture and fertility -if you want to build a farm- how many acres you can take at a time -some state laws do not allow any individual to acquire less than 20 acres at any one time- marshes, water locations are things you should look out for. If you have absolutely no idea on how tom go about this, just hire a land prospecting or real estate expert who is well versed in lands and not just properties.


This often includes examining the lands’ suitability for the purpose you have in mind. After prospecting, it is only essential that you determine the properties of the land you are interested in. If you wish, you can hire geographers, land experts and so on to help carry out an assessment of everything on the land, how the weather will be in the winter, spring, summer and autumn. This will help ensure that you get the best deal.


If you still want to try living out there by yourself before making a buying decision, you can talk to the seller about renting the place for just a few months. This will help you experience firsthand, the vagaries and befits of living there. During that time, you can survey the area, take long walks or horse rides and do any other thing you feel might be necessary to convince you or help you make up your mind about the property.