Keeping your job search highly confidential is very important. Finding a better opportunity, while still in your current job is the best way to ensure financial stability.

You should avoid leaking your job search 보도 구인구직 plans to your new employer, at least until you plan to leave. Doing this is not easy, but you can manage it if you follow some simple tips.

Online Stealth

Online job search sites have made job searching very easy and highly confidential. You can send hundreds of resumes at the click of a button. But while clicking, be aware; don’t end up sending your resume to your own boss. Poorly managed Internet job searches can have severe repercussions to your current job, so you need to be extra cautious while conducting one.

o Before posting your resume, find out about the Internet job search service that your current company’s human resource department uses – or you may find your resume on your boss’s desk.

o Don’t provide too much information on the net about your current job. If a job site demands more information, then there is a good chance that they may leak this information to other job sites without your permission.

Obscure and Discreet

Your resume can get you busted, so don’t include your business contact number or other business information on your resume. You should always list your home address with your residential number as well as your personal cell number. Create a separate email account for your job search and be cautious while responding to suspicious job requirements.

Never use company property like the office computer or printer to conduct your job search. It may be convenient, but it is risky and dangerous as some companies scrutinize employee computer usage – so use your personal home computer or visit an Internet café.

“Dress to succeed”, but you should always be tactful. Don’t suddenly wear a suit and come to the office – carry a change of clothing in a bag or cover it up with a jacket. Avoid interview calls during office hours. Schedule your interviews before or after hours or take a personal break.

Be Diplomatic

Avoid disclosing your job search details to your co-workers or office friends. Otherwise, you can be sure that your boss will find out from someone. Always inform your family, as they can help you in case of emergency, and can cover up for you. By disclosing the details to your family, you can be sure that they won’t spill the beans to your colleagues.

Try Frankness

Interviewers and recruiters have been in the market for years and they know all about confidential job searches. So try telling them about your confidential job search and they will understand your situation. There is no need to feel guilty or shy on this subject.