Having some power tools when you are ready to get some work accomplished means you will be able to achieve your plans. Whether you are a homeowner or a professional Makita power tools will be at the ready to push through any project you may need to realize.

The cordless tools available from Makita are among some of the highest quality to be observed out on the market. In the event Makita that you are looking around for the right tools for the job you need to take a serious look at what they present. One of their most desirable offerings is the Three Tool Combo kit which features a super powerful variable speed Impact Driver with max torque of 1330 inch pounds, along with their very popular Hammer Driver Drill delivering 450 pounds of max torque. Both of these are created with comfort in mind with their ergonomic designs making even the toughest jobs a bit easier.

Of course, along with these two wonderful working power tools Makita has included a contractor grade flashlight to enable you to function in low light. This flashlight will function for fifty hours on one 18V battery. And to finish the package are two of their 18V Lithium Ion quick charge batteries, and the Rapid charger for those batteries. One more point, you get the carrying case for all of these which, of course, is built in the same rugged way as the tools.

Those Lithium Ion batteries are specially constructed to last for a very long time in order for you to complete your projects without having to continually switch them on and off the charger. To be precise they provide a 430% total lifetime work and three times more cycles than their competition. You will be able to function for a very long time period if you are using these Makita tools and batteries.