In recent years the rising cost of domestic power has tended to make electric boilers not as popular as other options such as those heated by gas. However, improvements in energy efficiency have led to a recent increase in the popularity of the electric boiler.

One advantage that electric boilers enjoy over the other alternatives is that their installation and maintenance costs tend to be less expensive. This is important to remember when you find that they are usually more expensive to electric boiler Birmingham buy than gas boilers. And for the more ecologically minded customers, the electric version will reduce their carbon footprint especially if they are signed up to a green electricity tariff.

Another advantage of electric boilers over other types of boiler is that they are compact, thereby saving on space. This has led to many building developers choosing to have them being installed in flats and apartments, but they are also very popular in rural areas where piped gas is not available.

As with every type of boiler the electric version needs to be regularly serviced and maintained for it to operate at its most optimum efficiency. It is essential that the unit is serviced once a year by a qualified technician and that any faulty parts or ones showing signs of wear are replaced immediately.

There are several types of electrical boiler available for consumers including the combination-boiler which produces hot water on demand. Of course the deciding factors on choosing th4e electric boiler for you will depend on the type of property you are living in, as well as cost and personal preference.