Yes, Tabaxi, as described in the context of Dungeons & Dragons, have hands. Tabaxi are a humanoid race known for their feline features and agile nature. They possess humanoid bodies with cat-like features such as fur, retractable claws, and cat-like eyes. Despite these feline characteristics, Tabaxi have hands with opposable thumbs, similar to dnd gemstones those of humans. These hands allow them to manipulate objects, use tools, and engage in various activities like any other humanoid creature with hands.

Yes, Tabaxi, a feline humanoid race in fantasy role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, typically have hands. They possess a combination of feline and humanoid features, and while their lower limbs resemble those of a cat, their upper limbs are adapted for dexterous manipulation. These hands allow Tabaxi to perform various tasks and use tools just like other humanoid creatures. Their hands are typically equipped with claws, which can be used for both fine manipulation and combat.